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New FICO Rules

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The New FICO Rules Are Tricky

 It soon may be easier and less expensive to obtain credit, thanks to updates to the FICO scoring system, which gauges how creditworthy you are. But be aware that there are some big catches.

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Totally Free Credit Score — Really!

credit_score_315-304Avoid the phony offers

How to Check Your FICO Score

Best Ways to Check Your Score

By far the most important piece of information about your creditworthiness is your FICO credit score. Today’s lenders and insurance companies rarely dig into the details of a credit report. They typically just check the FICO score — which can vary somewhat depending on which credit-reporting agency’s data is used — and judge the applicant based on this score. Even though there are ways to get estimated FICO scores and alternative credit scores for free, there are only two places to obtain your true FICO score, and neither is free… Continue reading