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Costco Credit Card Transition and your Credit Score

costcoamxSome 60 million of us are Costco members. So what will happen with your credit and credit score as the warehouse club transitions away from American Express?

How your credit could be hit twice

Earlier this year, Costco dumped American Express and announced they’d be starting a new relationship with Citibank. That means the new Costco reward credit card will be issued Citibank, not American Express. (There’s no word yet on exactly how rewarding the new reward card will be, but that’s a different story!) Continue reading

Saving Even More at Costco

CostcoLogoby JESSE JONES / KING 5 News     Posted on November 2013

Shopping at Costco can be a little overwhelming.  But this holiday season you can work your way to a better deal at the warehouse giant.

Kyle James runs the website .  He’s been telling people about Costco deals for years.

“I started building this resource of these different ways that you can, when you’re in the store. Just by looking at the price you can figure out, okay, is this full price, might this be marked down even more, am I getting the best deal possible,” explained James. Continue reading