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Save $5,000 a Year on Expenses Everyone Has

Johanna Ljungblom (

Johanna Ljungblom (

Most people spend more than they have to on the following seven commonly used products and services. In some cases, lower-cost options have only recently become available and are not yet widely known. In others, sellers intentionally put up roadblocks that make it challenging to get the best prices. Smart ways to save money on…

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Buying Cheaper Groceries

New ways to get groceries cheaper spreading across country

The supermarket industry is going through the greatest change since right after WWII when suburbanization birthed the idea of today’s supermarkets. In each major market, we had three to four viable chains in an area. But that’s changing so dramatically now.

The traditional supermarket chains are under assault and the prices you pay for groceries are getting cheaper and cheaper.

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