Big Savings on Hearing Aids

Man uses an ear trumpetA friend of mine recently saved 90% on his first hearing aid! Here’s what happened: He had noticed some hearing loss in one ear, and the audiologist he visited suggested a single-ear aid. But the problem was the price. The one that was recommended cost $4,000! And Medicare and most private insurers do not cover hearing aids. Many patients would have bit the bullet and paid the $4,000…or simply gone without a hearing aid (a bad decision). But instead, with some creative shopping, this person was able to buy a good hearing aid for $400, and a local audiologist programmed and fit it for less than $100. What my friend did: He found lots of used hearing aids online but ultimately found a one-year-old aid that his neighbor was getting rid of after purchasing a newer, more sophisticated model.

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Totally Free Credit Score — Really!

credit_score_315-304Avoid the phony offers

Three Great Deals at Dollar Stores

Clip Art Graphic of a Flat Green Dollar Bill Cartoon CharacterDon’t pass these dollar store deals by!

Been to the dollar store lately? You would be amazed at what you can buy for only $1. Considering the level of inflation over the last couple of decades, the dollar store provides price consistency that other popular chain stores cannot.

Here are 3 great deals I like at the dollar store:


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How to Fix a Broken Light Bulb

hidmari (

hidmari (

Cards on the table:  I am cheap.

My latest adventure in cheapness involves light bulbs, specifically the old school incandescent kind. The kind invented by Thomas Alva Edison. The kind that government put the kibosh on as of January 1, 2014 under the Energy Independence and Security Act.

There’s been a lot of partisan anger about the new energy-efficient light bulb mandates. Personally, I’m not an incandescent bulb hoarder.

Nor am I opposed to CFLs or LEDs. My home has roughly 75% LEDs, 25% CFLs, and 5% incandescents.

But as I said, I am cheap.

I know it’s been said the true cost of a bulb is not the purchase price, but the cost of the energy it burns over time. While I do agree with that statement, sometimes it makes more financial sense to extend the life of a traditional bulb.

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Be Wary of Low-Price CT Scans

CT_Scanner_MaliziaCertain hospitals and medical facilities are aggressively advertising low-cost computerized tomography (CT) scans. These scans sometimes cost just a few hundred dollars or less, a fraction of the price typically charged. Some even are free. Why? Continue reading

Save on Seven Commonly Used Products & Services

ctoocheck (

ctoocheck (

Most people spend more than they have to on the following seven commonly used products and services. In some cases, lower-cost options have only recently become available and are not yet widely known. In others, sellers intentionally put up roadblocks that make it challenging to get the best prices. Smart ways to save money on… Continue reading

Best Credit Cards for 2014

credit card 146% Back on Groceries, 5% on Gas and More

Choosing the best credit cards for your needs depends on the kinds of spending and borrowing you do—and even on how organized you are. To get the most out of your credit cards, consider signing up for multiple cards and using each for what it does best—perhaps a card that offers 6% back on groceries…and one that gives 5% cash back on rotating categories such as restaurants and department stores. Or you may want a card that charges a relatively low interest rate on unpaid balances. Caution: Rewards cards make sense only if you pay off your balances in full each month to avoid interest payments.

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