The #1 Secret You Don’t Know about Outlet Shopping

outlet shoppingDo you like outlet shopping?  What you think is a deall may not be a deal at all because of a secret that the outlets keep closely guarded.

Outlet shopping moves from exurbs to the suburbs

Outlet centers had their origins in rural mill towns. They were typically attached to factories and were a dumping ground for irregulars, factory seconds, and unsold inventory from manufacturers.

Then in their next incarnation, they moved closer to mid-sized and bigger cities. Though they were always careful to stay 50 miles or more away from the city core.

Yet the outlet business model has become so key to retailing that now outlet centers are often in the suburbs. They’re no longer in the exurbs 50 miles away. Continue reading

Layaway Questions to Ask

layaway_box-lgLooking to layaway goods? Here are 10 questions to ask retailers that will help you find a good layaway plan — and avoid those that should be thrown away.

1. Do you provide full or partial refunds if the layaway is not completed?

2. Do you provide store credit toward future purchases if the layaway is not completed? Continue reading

New FICO Rules

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The New FICO Rules Are Tricky

 It soon may be easier and less expensive to obtain credit, thanks to updates to the FICO scoring system, which gauges how creditworthy you are. But be aware that there are some big catches.

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More on – How to Make Your Car Last 300,000 Miles

It used to be that drivers were lucky to get 100,000 miles out of their vehicles. But  now it’s not uncommon for cars to last 200,000… 250,000…or even 300,000 miles. That means car owners can wait much longer before they have to pony up for new autos. Reasons…

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DIY Fixes for Laptops, Tablets and Cell Phones

brokeputer-300x249Portable electronic devices are convenient…but they are prone to mishaps and other frustrating problems. Smartphones and computer tablets often are dropped, dunked or crushed. Built-in screens and keyboards can develop problems seemingly out of nowhere. All of these ­devices rely on batteries that will inevitably lose their ability to hold a charge.DIY Fixes for Laptops, Tablets and Cell Phones

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CPR Tips to Keep Food Fresh Longer

for fresh11 Tricks – (Culinary Preservative and Resuscitation) to Keep Food Fresh Longer

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The Right Way to Pump Your Gas…

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And 6 Other Tips to Save Money and Protect Your Car

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