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Credit Card Free Benefits That Can Save You Money

creditcardYour credit cards provide free benefits that could save you hundreds of dollars a year, but you may not know—or may have forgotten—that you have these perks. And given all the limitations and loopholes in the fine print, you may not know which cards offer the best versions of the perks that range from extended warranties and price-match protection to rental-car and travel insurance.

Here’s what you need to know about money-saving perks that are available when you pay for a product or service with a particular card*…

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Your Local Library has Free Streaming Movies

Your local library wants to compete with your Netflix subscription. Here’s how to get free streaming movies and TV shows without paying a penny!

Recently, I had 2 people upset with me when I was talking about Kindle Paperwhite, a superior book reading device that has a street price of $119. I talked about the ways you can borrow books from other Amazon readers when you have the Paperwhite.

Two people asked why I didn’t mention borrowing e-books for free from local libraries. Check with your local library to see how you can do e-book lending. (As a general rule, any book that is out of copyright — such as the classics — will also be free through Google Books or Amazon.

The idea of e-book lending is convenient for you and great for libraries because they need less inventory on hand. You typically get to keep the e-book on your device for 21 days before it gets automatically “returned” to your library.

Now I read a Denver Post story that says you can stream movies for free at a number of library systems across the country. Check with yours to find out about how the streaming arrangement works.

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The #1 Secret You Don’t Know about Outlet Shopping

outlet shoppingDo you like outlet shopping?  What you think is a deall may not be a deal at all because of a secret that the outlets keep closely guarded.

Outlet shopping moves from exurbs to the suburbs

Outlet centers had their origins in rural mill towns. They were typically attached to factories and were a dumping ground for irregulars, factory seconds, and unsold inventory from manufacturers.

Then in their next incarnation, they moved closer to mid-sized and bigger cities. Though they were always careful to stay 50 miles or more away from the city core.

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Eyeglasses for Half the Price

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A pair of eyeglasses can cost hundreds of dollars, but there’s no need to pay anywhere near that much. Quality eyeglasses can be bought online for less than $15 a pair for standard prescriptions…and even complicated prescriptions generally can be filled at various Web sites for $30 to $100, including the frames and lenses.


Even if you prefer not to buy eyewear online, there still are places you can shop where your price is likely to be less than $200 for glasses that might cost $400 or more elsewhere.

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Buying a New Mattress?

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Seven traps to avoid

Mattresses might be soft to sleep on, but they are notoriously hard to buy. Various stores sell very similar mattresses under different names, thwarting attempts to compare prices. Salespeople often steer shoppers toward ultra-expensive products. And manufacturers highlight features that consumers can’t easily evaluate. As a result, many shoppers pay hundreds of dollars more than necessary—or end up sleeping for years on mattresses that they hate.

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Yard Sale Success Guide

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Holding a garage or yard sale can be a great way to clear out clutter and earn some cash. Here’s how to increase the odds that your sale will be a success… Continue reading

Baking Soda Uses

List of helpful, healthful applications for baking soda…

Easy, effective wash for fresh produce to protect against food borne bacteria and pesticide residue. The powdery quality of baking soda makes it useful as a gentle scrub for fruits and vegetables, and it’s especially effective for fruit such as pears and apples that you may want to eat raw without peeling. How to use it: Continue reading