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Saving on Hotel Rates

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Hotel prices can change by the day, even by the hour. But you can game the system somewhat by using the right Web sites… Continue reading


More on Home Swapping

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3 Ways to Save

You can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars by exchanging homes instead of staying at a hotel.  Example: Seven nights at a hotel costing $150 a night is $1,050. Swapping homes costs almost nothing. Three tips for a successful swap…

Save on Last Minute Travel

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Sometimes it pays to procrastinate.

You can get some great last-minute travel deals…

1. Follow the deals: Never considered Iceland, but the price is superb? Why not! Three days in Vegas for a song? Doesn’t matter that you don’t gamble, really! For cruises leaving within 90 days, try Air/hotel packages at the last minute can be found through all the major companies (Priceline, Expedia, etc.), as well as specialists such as Continue reading

Spring Break for Grown-Ups…3 Ways to Save

Does any vacation period have a more salacious reputation than spring break? But you don’t have to “go wild” to enjoy a great—and affordable—getaway…

1. Avoid the students. In 2013, Easter Sunday is March 31, so many schools start their vacation period on March 23, with the vacation ending two weeks later. The second-most popular time will be March 9 to 23.

If you’re not tied to a school’s schedule, you will want to Continue reading

Ways to Save on Cruises

With nightly rates dropping to as little as $60 per person, booking an economical cruise would seem to be as simple as stuffing yourself at the onboard dinner buffet. But many cruisers, initially pulled in by low fares, end up spending far more than expected on “extras.” The following three tips can keep your cruising budget afloat… Continue reading

Hotel Bidding on

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Save Big on Hotels By Mastering

The “bidding” feature on has become one of the most popular tools for travelers to slash prices on hotels. But to get the lowest price, know the best strategies…

HOW BIDDING WORKS Continue reading

Best Budget Hotel Chains in US and Europe

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A Nice Hotel Room for Only How Much?!

The trouble with truly budget hotel chains is that travelers don’t always know what they’re getting. Hotels in low-cost chains tend to be individually owned franchises that might not even have been initially constructed to be part of the chain. Thus hotel quality, upkeep, amenities and service can vary dramatically. But a few hotel chains can be counted on to provide a nice room at a reasonable price…

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