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Big Savings on Hearing Aids

Man uses an ear trumpetA friend of mine recently saved 90% on his first hearing aid! Here’s what happened: He had noticed some hearing loss in one ear, and the audiologist he visited suggested a single-ear aid. But the problem was the price. The one that was recommended cost $4,000! And Medicare and most private insurers do not cover hearing aids. Many patients would have bit the bullet and paid the $4,000…or simply gone without a hearing aid (a bad decision). But instead, with some creative shopping, this person was able to buy a good hearing aid for $400, and a local audiologist programmed and fit it for less than $100. What my friend did: He found lots of used hearing aids online but ultimately found a one-year-old aid that his neighbor was getting rid of after purchasing a newer, more sophisticated model.

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Be Wary of Low-Price CT Scans

CT_Scanner_MaliziaCertain hospitals and medical facilities are aggressively advertising low-cost computerized tomography (CT) scans. These scans sometimes cost just a few hundred dollars or less, a fraction of the price typically charged. Some even are free. Why? Continue reading

Misleading Drug Commercials

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Don’t Be Fooled

The other night, as I watched an hour of TV news, so many drug commercials aired that I lost count. Touting products that promised to fix everything from allergies to insomnia to osteoporosis, the commercials took a “we’re here to help” tone, as if educating the public and relieving suffering were their sole aims.

Was I tempted to ask my doctor about the drugs being peddled, as the sincere-sounding voice-overs urged? No way! In fact, after attending the recent PharmedOut medical conference at my alma mater, Georgetown University in Washington, DC, I’m more attuned than ever to the sneaky ways in which many pharmaceutical marketers try to convince consumers that they need certain drugs—whether or not those products are likely to do them any good. Continue reading

The (Ugly) Truth About Plastic Surgery

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chrisgan (

You could be putting your health at risk—and wasting your money.

Americans set a new record last year for the number of cosmetic procedures performed. All told, there were 13.8 million face-lifts, nose jobs, liposuctions, Botox injections and other elective procedures done for beauty’s sake.

But some of these quick fixes aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, and not every potential patient is well-suited for a nip, tuck, implant or injection. What’s more, some of these procedures carry little-known—and often serious—risks.

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On-Line Health Information

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Health Web Sites:

The Best-Kept Secret to Getting Better Care

If you have been diagnosed with a condition—any condition—you might be tempted to hop online and join other patients in a discussion group. But you can do much more online. Today, social networking is changing the look and feel of patient support Web sites—and providing much more help for groups of people with the same conditions.

The “old style” patient support groups, forums and discussion boards enable patients to exchange a great deal of information online—interacting…asking questions…providing opinions…and sharing emotions.

But several newer Web sites enable patients to do even more—such as interact with health professionals…build communities for lesser-known conditions…and share medical tests with doctors and researchers. These patient-to-patient/patient-to-doctor exchanges are known as “participatory medicine,” because they give patients a chance to interact and work with various knowledgeable health professionals. Continue reading

Good Deals on High Quality Medical Services

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Now Is the Time to Go Medical Bargain-Hunting…

Here are the best ways to find good deals on high-quality services in your community…
Ask the right question. Many times, getting a discount is as easy as asking for it. Don’t be afraid to ask a surgeon (if you are contemplating surgery) or any type of health provider if he can “do better” after discussing the cost of a medical procedure or service. This is especially helpful if a big out-of-pocket cash outlay is involved because you have no insurance or your insurance does not cover a particular service, such as dental care or cosmetic surgery.

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