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Please Bury Me At Home

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Home funerals are more personal and less expensive than traditional funerals. Family

A Baby Picture Can Protect Your Wallet

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In a recent study, 88% of people who found wallets with photos of a smiling baby returned them… compared with 53% of people who found wallets with a photo of a cute puppy… 48%, a happy family… and 28%, a contented elderly couple.
Source: Richard Wiseman, PhD, professor, psychology department, University of Hertfordshire, UK, and leader of a study in which 240 wallets were planted on the streets of Edinburgh.

The Secret to Finding a Job When “There Are No Jobs”

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Finding a job is tough enough in this economy, but many job hunters reduce the odds of their success by using common job-search strategies that often fail. Here’s what doesn’t work so well — and what does…

Five popular job-search strategies that do not work for the majority of those who try them…

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Keep Your Social Security Number Safe


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Keep your Social Security number’s last four digits secret. You are only legally required to give out your Social Security number (SSN) when Continue reading

Overcoming the Urge to Splurge

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Shop till you drop may sound fun and funny — but compulsive overspending is no joke.

Warning signs: Hiding purchases from family… spending money when you swore you wouldn’t… falling into debt.

 To rein in spending…

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