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Auto Insurance Rip-Off

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If you’re in an auto accident in which another driver is at fault, you’re probably not going to get all the money you should. That driver’s insurance company likely is legally required to compensate you for diminished value—the loss in resale value that your vehicle suffered due the crash. But insurers inevitably try to pay less than is fair and often even deny that diminished-value compensation is required at all.

Even when accident damage is perfectly repaired, having an accident in a vehicle’s history significantly reduces its resale value. Potential buyers worry that the vehicle might have hidden problems. Continue reading


Storm Damage – What Does Insurance Cover?

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What Insurance Really Covers When a Storm Damages Your Home…

When bad weather causes costly damage to homes, home owners often are confused about what is covered by insurance—and what is not covered. Here are the answers to common questions… Continue reading

Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP)

Good News About Health Insurance

Health reform happens! This summer, a new “Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP)” went into effect, providing a real and immediate solution to one of the most pressing health-care conundrums — which is that people with “preexisting medical conditions” who lost their insurance or had none were unable to get health insurance. Helping these folks get coverage is huge. I checked in with federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) spokesperson Jessica Santillo to get information on the program — who’s eligible and what they need to do to get it started.

Do You Qualify? Continue reading

What’s Covered by Basic Auto Policy?

It’s a rainy Friday morning and you’re driving to work. The driver in front of you slams on his brakes and you run into the rear end of his vehicle. Your car is damaged; the car in front of you is damaged; you’re injured; and the driver of the other vehicle is hurt.* Do you know what your auto insurance policy likely will and will not cover? Read on to learn more.

While states vary in what insurance they require drivers to carry, most of their requirements will be met by a basic auto insurance policy: Continue reading

Eight Insurance Myths

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8 Insurance Myths That Could Cost You Dearly

We buy insurance to protect ourselves against financial risks — but sometimes the greatest risk is that we don’t fully understand our coverage. Insurance contracts are complex, with potentially important details buried in small-print legal jargon. Consumers often assume that common sense dictates when their insurance will protect them, but frequently you don’t get as much coverage as you think you are getting, and sometimes you don’t know enough to take advantage of the coverage that you do have. The insurance myths that can cost you… Continue reading