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Healthy Food Claims – Are They True?

Answers about red wine, coffee, bottled water, salt and ……

With nutritional research, it’s often hard to know what you can believe. The latest study makes headlines, often when the research is far from definitive, then theopposite is asserted a few years later.

In general, claims that are supported by multiple high-quality studies—preferably, randomized trials involving thousands of participants—are more likely to be true than those derived from a single (and sometimes industry-funded) source.

What’s believable and what’s not…* Continue reading


The (Ugly) Truth About Plastic Surgery

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You could be putting your health at risk—and wasting your money.

Americans set a new record last year for the number of cosmetic procedures performed. All told, there were 13.8 million face-lifts, nose jobs, liposuctions, Botox injections and other elective procedures done for beauty’s sake.

But some of these quick fixes aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, and not every potential patient is well-suited for a nip, tuck, implant or injection. What’s more, some of these procedures carry little-known—and often serious—risks.

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On-Line Health Information

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Health Web Sites:

The Best-Kept Secret to Getting Better Care

If you have been diagnosed with a condition—any condition—you might be tempted to hop online and join other patients in a discussion group. But you can do much more online. Today, social networking is changing the look and feel of patient support Web sites—and providing much more help for groups of people with the same conditions.

The “old style” patient support groups, forums and discussion boards enable patients to exchange a great deal of information online—interacting…asking questions…providing opinions…and sharing emotions.

But several newer Web sites enable patients to do even more—such as interact with health professionals…build communities for lesser-known conditions…and share medical tests with doctors and researchers. These patient-to-patient/patient-to-doctor exchanges are known as “participatory medicine,” because they give patients a chance to interact and work with various knowledgeable health professionals. Continue reading

Which is the Best Diet?

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Many diets tell you to restrict certain nutrients or foods—or they tell you to load up on just one or a few.

For instance, the Atkins Diet advises you to avoid food high in carbs and eat foods composed primarily of protein, fat and fiber.

The Paleo Diet encourages you to avoid dairy and grains.

And the Grapefruit Diet suggests that you eat few carbs, a moderate amount of protein…and a whole lot of grapefruit.

For people with certain chronic health conditions, a limited diet may be beneficial, but what if you don’t have any major health problems and you’re simply trying to shed a few pounds? With so much conflicting advice, how are you supposed to know what to put on your plate?

A new study weighed the benefits of multiple types of diets and came up with a solution—and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how simple it is.


One thing I like about this study is that it followed participants for two years—well past that initial but misleading burst of success that many diets produce. There were 811 overweight or obese men and women. Researchers gave each participant a diet plan that would reduce his or her calorie intake by 750 calories per day, and subjects were randomly assigned to one of four diets… Continue reading

Organic Cosmetics

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An “organic” label on cosmetics can mean different things, or nothing at all, since the term is not regulated for cosmetics or other personal care products, such as lip balms, soaps, and lotions. Much, of course, is pure marketing hype. As shown in independent testing, “organic” cosmetics may contain the same synthetic ingredients present in conventional ones.

The USDA’s National Organic Program was not developed for personal care products, Continue reading

Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

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Fighting the Flu: Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

By Christopher Wanjek

27 October 2009

Hand washing with ordinary soap and water is the most effective way to remove germs. But when you’re on the go, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are Continue reading