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Totally Free Credit Score — Really!

credit_score_315-304Avoid the phony offers


College Financial-Aid

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Bait and Switch

Approximately half of all colleges lure incoming freshmen with appealing ­financial-aid packages, only to slash those aid packages in future years, often by several thousand dollars or more.

College Admissions Myths

Drake University

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And what it really takes to get in

Many high school students and their parents don’t fully understand the college admissions process. They believe myths that can hurt a student’s chances of getting into his/her school of choice…or cause students to waste time and money applying to schools that really are not within reach.


MYTH: A college sent me a letter (or an e-mail) asking me to apply, so I’m likely to get in.

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Fixing Errors on Your Credit Report

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Insider secrets that will raise your credit score
The credit reports of more than one out of every five Americans include errors, according to a new study by the Federal Trade Commission. In millions of cases, such errors can lower credit scores and make it more difficult, or even impossible, to obtain a mortgage and other loans at attractive rates…qualify for appealing credit card deals…or even land a job or rent an apartment.

The errors, which lead to about eight million disputes filed by consumers each year, are frustratingly difficult to correct. That’s because the three major credit-reporting agencies automatically take the word of creditors or collection agencies over the word of consumers, a fact that some critics consider to be a violation of the agencies’ obligations under federal law.

The usual advice when you find a mistake in a credit report is to file a dispute with the credit-reporting agency—Equifax, Experian or TransUnion. But consumers who do this often have their complaints rejected, even when they have strong evidence on their side.

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Getting More Money for College

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To get the most financial aid possible for college, you and your child need to understand how the complicated eligibility formulas work. This applies whether the assistance is in the form of need-based scholarships or grants that don’t need to be paid back or federally subsidized loans.

This is especially important in light of the increased competition for financial aid in recent years.

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Get a Great Mortgage

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Mortgage rates are near record lows—borrowers could find 30-year fixed-rate mortgages below 3.4% recently. But very low interest rates are not enough to guarantee that borrowers will get great mortgage deals when they buy homes or refinance. They also must steer clear of these mortgage mistakes…

What Really Determines a Good Credit Score

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Almost 60% of people don’t know what determines a credit score.

What people think matters:

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