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DIY Home Repairs that can land you in the ER

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It may be cheaper to do home maintenance and repairs yourself than to call a professional, but don’t let being economical trump your common sense. Emergency rooms have seen an uptick in do-it-yourself (DIY) injuries as home owners attempt their own repairs—sometimes with disastrous results.

Some of the most common DIY injuries—and how to prevent them…

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DIY Fixes for Laptops, Tablets and Cell Phones

brokeputer-300x249Portable electronic devices are convenient…but they are prone to mishaps and other frustrating problems. Smartphones and computer tablets often are dropped, dunked or crushed. Built-in screens and keyboards can develop problems seemingly out of nowhere. All of these ­devices rely on batteries that will inevitably lose their ability to hold a charge.DIY Fixes for Laptops, Tablets and Cell Phones

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How to Fix a Broken Light Bulb

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Cards on the table:  I am cheap.

My latest adventure in cheapness involves light bulbs, specifically the old school incandescent kind. The kind invented by Thomas Alva Edison. The kind that government put the kibosh on as of January 1, 2014 under the Energy Independence and Security Act.

There’s been a lot of partisan anger about the new energy-efficient light bulb mandates. Personally, I’m not an incandescent bulb hoarder.

Nor am I opposed to CFLs or LEDs. My home has roughly 75% LEDs, 25% CFLs, and 5% incandescents.

But as I said, I am cheap.

I know it’s been said the true cost of a bulb is not the purchase price, but the cost of the energy it burns over time. While I do agree with that statement, sometimes it makes more financial sense to extend the life of a traditional bulb.

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DIY Jewelry Repairs

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Jewelry repairs can cost anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars, but there are certain repairs you can perform safely on your own. Three jewelry tasks to try—and three never to try…

Home Repairs You Must Fix Now

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…… and those that can wait.

Houses sometimes develop problems in bunches, and there isn’t always enough money or time to tackle all the needed repairs at once. Here’s how to decide which projects must take priority… Continue reading

DIY Dry Cleaning

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Tricks to Save on Dry Cleaning

Having a garment dry-cleaned can cost anywhere from a few dollars to $20 or more, depending on the garment and your region. Here’s how to greatly reduce dry-cleaning costs…


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DIY Appliance Repairs

  • Appliance Repairs Anyone Can Do—Simple Steps Save $$$

Appliance repair people often charge $80 to $150 just to walk in your front door…and the average repair bill is well into the hundreds.

Sometimes this can’t be avoided—appliances have become extremely complex, putting many repairs outside the abilities of even handy home owners. But there are exceptions.

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