Travel Bargains

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The tough economy has resulted in some great travel bargains here and abroad…

Las Vegas. Thousands of new hotel rooms mean cut-rate prices on accommodations.

Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. Bargain-priced travel packages abound because of publicity about violence elsewhere in Mexico, far from Cancun. Also: The US dollar is very strong now in Mexico.

Caribbean cruises. Competition among the many new cruise ships has lowered prices significantly.

Guatemala. A family of four can eat out for $12, and airfares from the US are low. Costa Rica and Panama are good deals as well.

Iceland. The exchange rate is favorable to US visitors. Icelandair also offers great deals on air/hotel packages.

Ireland. Hit hard by the financial crisis, Ireland is the greatest travel value in western Europe now.

Source:Pauline Frommer, award-winning creator of Pauline Frommer Guides (Wiley), Hoboken, New Jersey, and daughter of the legendary travel bargain expert Arthur Frommer.


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