Please Bury Me At Home

Livke (

Home funerals are more personal and less expensive than traditional funerals. Family
members wash and dress deceased loved ones for burial, arrange viewing hours, even can build the coffin and conduct the funeral service. Families must get a death certificate — usually from the doctor in attendance at death or the deceased’s primary care doctor — and a transit permit (from the health department) so that the body can be moved from a hospital to a home, cemetery or crematory. Some communities, especially those in rural or semirural areas, allow backyard burial. Families are allowed to handle the body themselves in most states — only Connecticut, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska and New York require involvement of a funeral director. Cost savings can be significant — an average funeral costs about $6,000, but a home funeral may cost as little as $250.Source:  Joshua Slocum, executive director, Funeral Consumers Alliance, South Burlington, Vermont.

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